Annual Election Meeting

The annual election meeting for Board of Directors will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at the Calle de Montana club house. Check in is at 6:00 p.m. Please mail in your ballots or stop by in person and turn it in at the Calle de Montana club house. We need 152 ballots to be turned in to reach a Quorum to have the meeting.

Residents of the Rancho Villas Community Association

1. Residents MUST register ALL Vehicles under their control with NPS for a MAXIMUM of 2 Vehicles. Each Resident may register a MAXIMUN of 2 Vehicles per Unit. Registration can be accomplished by clicking on the Parking Information tab. After filling out the information and registering, you will need to provide Network Parking Solutions (NPS) a valid copy of your insurance card with proof of Current Liability Insurance and Proof of Residence in the Rancho Villas.
2. Regardless of the number of people residing in a RVCA Unit, ONLY ONE parking pass will be issued per RVCA Unit address.
3. Each Unit’s Garage is the primary parking space for that unit. This means that if only ONE Vehicle is registered to a Unit, that Unit WILL NOT receive a parking pass, and that ONE Vehicle must be parked in the garage. Garages are NOT to be used for STORAGE or LIVING SPACES.
4. In all cases, 1 of the 2 registered vehicles MUST be parked in the garage, and the other may be parked in the RVCA designated parking area with a properly DISPLAYED PASS.
5. All Vehicles MUST BE parked WITHIN the confines of the parking area provided ( From Curb to Expansion swell joint and within the White Lines).
6. Vehicles Defined as OVERSIZED may NOT PARK within the RVCA Community.

Annual Budget for 2016-2017

The Board has concluded so that we are better able to proactively complete property maintenance projects as the building components age instead of addressing as deferred/under funding items though a Special Assessment an increase of the Monthly Dues starting 6/1/2016. Please Check your Monthly Statements for NEW Monthly DUES RATE.